Route 3- UKAS Certification and Independent Consultancy

We offer an ISO Management Consultancy service to enable you to achieve UKAS ISO Certification.

The provision of this services covers

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management

We understand the need of you and your business in achieving growth through winning new contracts and increasing efficiency. For some of these contracts, your customer will ask you for a UKAS certificated quality, environmental or health, safety management and information security management systems. We are able to signpost you to an independent consultancy who will support you on your journey to an UKAS certificated management system. Each standard provides its own benefits within every industry, however the key benefits across the certification standards include

  • Increased market potential
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Winning of procurement tenders
  • Improved efficiency and cost savings
  • High level of customer service
  • Improved staff moral and retention
  • Risk management
  • Information data management

By having a recognised certificated management system it speaks volumes to your customers that you are serious about meeting and exceeding their business needs. Certification is valid for three years subject to a yearly re-audit of your management system.

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